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Our Brand

Our name “Getafix” is inspired by Panoramix (Getafix is the English translation), the village druid in a village of ancient Gauls in the Roman Empire, upon whose strength-enhancing magic potion the villagers rely on to battle their enemies. Likewise, in Getafix Solutions and Management LLP, it is our modern day magic potions of innovation, design thinking and technology that enable us to offer magical solutions to our customers.

The moving “G” in our logo signifies that we are an organization, well versed with current and future industry trends and practices, in sync with changing customer tastes, preferences and expectations for which we too are constantly innovating and transforming our thought processes, methods and practices. The “eta” in our name stands for “estimated time of arrival”. This denotes our commitment to our promise of “timeliness” in project & service delivery. We strive to achieve 100% on-time delivery of our projects and services. “FIX” is a part of our name, and we endeavor to have “magical solutions” for all challenges and problems that we will jointly overcome with our Customers.

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