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Getafix Solutions’ construction vertical is built on a legacy of group organizations which have carved a niche for themselves over 30 years as boutique builders having delivered best in class construction projects comprising over 6,15,000 sq. ft. of residential and commercial space across Kolkata and New Delhi with on-going projects aggregating a further 3,00,000 sq. ft. in prime locations.

Getafix Solutions’ customized constructions that synergize individual preferences with top-of the-line design, engineering and quality, backed by on-time and within budget delivery is a delight to customers. The ECO approach is followed in all our projects by reducing our carbon footprint and by providing adequate green space throughout the building and has been core to the design and execution of all our projects

Our construction activities comprise

Bespoke Construction

Getafix Solutions supports the landowner in assessing the feasibility of the proposed construction based on the intended end-use and recommends best fit options. Getafix provides expert inputs on building design and planning. All regulatory approvals and clearances are also obtained by the Getafix team.

Getafix Solutions is transparent on terms and conditions for construction execution and provides real time monitoring of project execution including timelines, budget, quality of materials & workmanship. As part of standard operating procedure in our Project Management services, regular reports (based on agreed frequency) on construction progress and any developments concerning regulatory issues are conveyed to the landowner in a timely manner.

Joint Venture

If a landowner wishes to unlock the potential of their land, Getafix Solutions is ready to partner them on that journey by being proportionate partners and supporting the landowner in deciding on new building project, architect inputs, construction materials, building design & façade, fit out materials, etc.

The transparent terms and conditions through holistic contracts between landowner and Getafix Solutions, obtaining all regulatory approvals and clearances by Getafix team, leveraging our customized Project Management framework for ensuring on-time delivery of project, reduced displacement period of landowner, real time monitoring of all aspects of project execution and periodic reporting on construction progress and concerns (if any) on regulatory issues, makes the partnership between the Landowner and Getafix Solutions a sure success.


While developing a land parcel, Getafix ensures that the land procurement is encumbrance free and that the project adheres to all legal and regulatory compliances. There is real time monitoring of project execution including timelines, budget and quality of materials and workmanship. Buyers in the development are assured of the quality and the time agreed up on, through transparency and regular information sharing on progress throughout the construction-to-handover lifecycle.

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