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Building Exterior Services

Getafix Solutions can support you to rejuvenate building exteriors with a complete makeover. Leveraging over 30 years of experience in providing finishing and fit out services for new construction, it deploys skilled workmen with regular supervision and monitoring by experienced Project Managers. Adopting safety measures for residents and workmen is integral to our services. Getafix Solutions follows defined standard operating procedures to ensure all essential steps are followed as per planned activities and timelines. Our range of services include.

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  • UPVC pipe laying inside the bathrooms, kitchen
  • Vertical CPVC pipe laying outside the building
  • Internal & External drainage
  • Sanitary fittings


  • Outside & Inside damp wall waterproofing
  • Roof repair & waterproofing

Painting & Polishing

  • Surface crack repairing
  • Damp repair
  • Primer application
  • Surface Painting
  • Door, Window, Grill paint

Repair & Renovation

  • Outside & inside damaged wall repairing
  • PCC or RCC casting
  • Brickwork & Plastering
  • Driveway & Common Area renovation
  • Overhead/ Underground Tank renovation

Tiles Laying

  • Chipping and pcc if neccessary for final levelling
  • Under bed material (sand, cement)
  • Tiles/marble laying in driveway & common area

Grill & Shade Fixing

  • Gate, Staircase, Balcony grill
  • Tin / Fibre shade with structure
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